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My Family

This was a trip to the county fair in October of 2011.

I am Jackie, a thirty-one year old stay at home mother of Frankie, who’s six, and Adam who’s two and a half-years old. I was a substitute teacher while I received my Bachelor Degree in Liberal Studies and was to become a special education teacher. Our second son Adam was born at 33 weeks and weighed only 2 lbs 6 oz. and plans changed. He was born Deaf and has multiple special needs. The past three years has changed our family dramatically. Before Adam we were a hearing household, we took many aspects of sound and language for granted. Now we are a Deaf and Hearing household and we are in the process of trying to adapt to the many changes. We want to make sure that Adam grows up in his family feeling included and loved. One of the steps we have taken as a family to adapt to Adams communication needs is to learn American Sign Language. My husband is Joey, before Adam Joey was a wonderful father to Frankie- his clone. Now Joey is beyond wonderful-father status. He has really taken ASL seriously and embraced ASL and Deaf Culture whole heartedly. He is extremely self motivated to learn for Adam’s sake. He works long hard days out doors and still finds the time to take the classes and attend Deaf events. Then there is Frankie. He is the best big brother Adam could have, he is patient, warm-hearted and extremely helpful and understanding in sometimes critical situations. Frankie told me once right after Adam had a seizure, “mom I’ll help you, I’ll do any thing for my baby brother”. He attends a school where local Deaf children attend. Frankie has recently become friends with a Deaf boy, which we all have enjoyed getting to know. In order to communicate they use sign language and it is so awesome to witness. Its one of my new favorite things. This is a brief overview of my family I will continue to blog and share information that I have found helpful, frustrating, scary, humorous and uplifting. Please feel free to comment or ask anything. My hope is that we can find similarities within our differences and we can share support as parents of special needs children.