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When you are a parent of a child that is medically fragile it can feel uncomfortable at times…
I’ve had to allow myself to accept help
in so many ways.
Too many ways; but I feel like I have no choice. I’m not asking for myself, I ask for my son.
I’d do anything for either son.
Sometimes it means dealing with home health nurses that don’t wash their hands or call in on days that you have to travel two hours for a doctor appointment. Sometimes it means calling complete strangers at insurance companies or doctor’s office and laying your heart on the line practically begging for help.
It’s so frustrating and exhausting. My nerves are literally feeling frazzled. I’m in constant thought of what needs to be done next.. Go go go. Inhale. He needs this and needs that. Don’t forget about Frankie and Joey and oh yeah what about Jackie?

(little cute guy! How can one resist)
Bless your little heart!