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Breathing On His Own….PRICLESS

Adam was hospitalized once again for two weeks back at UCLA. He earns frequent flyer miles for riding in the “medic-copter” so frequently.
Yes, him being transported by helicopter is normal for us, but this time the PICU attending showed up along with two nurses and an Respiratory Therapist.

He was hospitalized at our local hospital on Easter Sunday. He was doing better and all of a sudden Wednesday morning his numbers started to fall. Temperature, blood pressure, oxygen, even his heart rate was going low. This is EVERY mother’s nightmare but to a mother like myself I began to prepare. Seriously prepare for “the worst”. I leaned over to Adam and I whispered onto his cheek so he could FEEL my every word. I gave my son permission to depart.
I did it. Not that one needs permission to but it was all I could do. Anything to spare him grief or pain I would have done. Now before you cry: Get this. I looked up at Adam when I was finished and HE SMILED at me! A HUGE smile. Not once but twice. I called my sister over to witness because with Adam and all his surprises I need witnesses for some of the antics he pulls. Fast forward two weeks later and Adam taught me two more valuable lessons.
1. It ain’t over till its over
2. There is a such thing as positive ICU visits. Adam did the most smiling in  the hospital that he has done in over a year. Either he was happy to be there or he was happy to be off the vent even for a few hours.

Adam went into the hospital on the ventilator (breathing machine) requiring 24 hrs a day. He went 11 hours OFF the vent! 11 hours breathing ON HIS OWN! That is HUGE!!!
He is now home and we continue to build his endurance and strength for breathing. I honestly thought it would take forever to get this child any where near this goal and to my great answered prayers and surprise he IS!!!!!!

At last….Adam is breathing on his own…PRICELESS