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Batman’s Birthplace The NICU

Ever wonder where Batman was born? Well today we brought Adam back to the place it all started: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital he was delivered at. These ladies were some of Adam’s first cheerleaders even before I had a clue of what exactly we were in for. I can still remember the days after delivering Adam when the time for my discharge came up. I remember looking into his incubator at his tiny 2pound body asking God to give me the courage to leave him there. My body not only hurt from the delivery but it physically hurt to think that this precious time for mother and child bonding would not play out as planned. I knew I had to get myself better and heal from the c-section. I knew the time had come for me to leave my baby behind. Thankfully these nurses were there to help me and my husband feel secure in the thought that they would give little Batman great care and attention. They kept their word. In fact they spoiled him rotten. Even to this day he does not like to have a wet diaper, he will NOT pee and poo in the same diaper and he loves loves loves the ladies. Thank you to theses wonderful nurses who work as a team everyday to give little premie babies a fighting chance. Thank you to all NICU NURSES!