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Eviction Notice to Seizures


BY THE POWER OF MY VOICE I COMMAND YOU SEIZURES TO VACATE, to be removed from Adam!The time has truly come, GOD has
called upon his army of angels to protect, restore and strengthen Adam.
I believe this with ALL of my mother-heart. Let there be health, vitality and strength. Remove your self!

Another big life changing day tomorrow. Adam will have a second brain surgery. Apparently the chances that the seizures will go away are not high enough for the doctors to brag…
BUT GOD IS BIGGER and No matter what Adam will overcome this, one way or another.




A place we found refuge in the midst of all the scariness

Through all the ups and downs with Adam I’ve come to realize that great unexplainable situations don’t come easy or without struggle. In order for something to be excepted as a miracle there has to be great struggle.
Adam had brain surgery on Friday
3-30-12 and I am just able to begin to process the emotions of that day.

People keep asking me how I’m doing and the answer is, “I think I’m doing better than I thought I would if someone told me I’d have a son and my son would need brain surgery.”
I’ve always felt a sense of God’s presence from a very early age. I thought of myself as a spiritual person but since Adam has been born he has shown me that there is much more to spiritualness than just acknowledgement and prayers here and there…

You see it has been three months since we have been in the PICU and I had already settled the fact that doctors said Adam WAS NOT a candidate for surgery. Than one day (after the thought occurred to me that Adam’s only medicine left was prayer). He had NOTHING else left; A different doctor came in with what I call a curve ball; he saw something different with Adam he saw that Adam needed to be reevaluated for surgery. Within two days the news came that they had a conference where all the neurologists and neurosurgeons had come to agreement that Adam’s only option left was surgery… AND fast because his MRI had gotten so much worse in just a month. He asked me if I would still consider surgery as an option. I said yes and he came back two days later (Monday) with the decision to operate on Friday! Talk about a quick turn of events! Was this what the power of prayer could do?! So I continued to pray…

Watching my babies body go through so much has broken me and rocked me to my core, my heart burned and my body literally ached for him. The sadness was physically, spiritually and emotionally unbearable. My stomach would turn and I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin or off a ledge (a lesser fear than what my son was facing). He had been changing before my eyes- for the worse but before you feel sorry realize that at this core is where I found strength, peace, endurance, hope, the real power of prayer and miracle. I believe that miracles are real. They are not just fancy ways to tell a story. They are happening for Adam and they can happen for ANYONE. I will be honest I don’t know how they happen or why some are more obvious than others but I believe that a miracle is currently in the making right before my eyes. I truly believe!

I have a picture in my heart, clear as if it were hanging on a wall in my house. The picture is of my young boy. He stands tall and proudly with smile (if he has a walker IT STILL COUNTS). His hand is in mid sentence because he will Sign again…. Oh yes.
Oh what a sweet sweet sight….AMEN