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Peace and Prayers

I need to take a minute and say THANKS!

First of all thanks to everyone for praying for Adam and our family.
When I wrote my most recent post Mission Impossible? I was so overwhelmed with fear and worry it was indescribable. A few days later I was looking at Adam, admiring him mostly, and then I looked slowly around his hospital room as I noticed I felt better. I felt a calm inner peace and RENEWED hope had filled my heart…..
(This is NO LIE) I whispered to myself, “they are praying for me. I feel it. I KNOW it.”
It was then that I was compelled to check the blog and to my sweet surprise I read the comments and prayers and with tears in my heart I thanked you all and sent BLESSING BACK TO YOU.

Thank you so much for not only prayers but support. Real-solid support that could never be bought or returned. Only remembered for ever in my heart.
Thanks Again ❤


This is Adams third hospitalization within a month but he just keeps on trucking. 🙂 hopefully we can get back home soon and stay.