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Recovery Part 2

Here is what Adam has been up to since the last post in January. It’s been busy and it’s probably going to get busier. Since the rehab facilities deemed Adam “chronically ill” he does not qualify for rehab services as an inpatient. Apparently insurances only want to pay for the acute cases aka “easy fixes”. So I am doing everything within my power to get him services that will facilitate his recovery as out patient. Which has its challenges. I use the word recovery because Adam is recovering from the two brain surgeries and multiple seizure meds. It’s been slow and doctors gave him two years to fully recover. That two years has came and went but I refuse to give up. How dare doctors give God a time frame. As for Adam’s near future he just started Home Schooling. A teacher comes to the home to work one on one with him until he is prepared to transition to a full day than a full week. He also getsVision Therapy, Physical Therapy soon after that Occupational Therapy will follow, he also has been playing Basketball and Baseball with the help of his big brother Frankie and League of Dreams. We are on our way to discontinuing another seizure medication. We will ween another dose of medication in December. It’s been a lot of work for Adam and for all of us who love and care so closely for him. Each time I become weary I just repeat “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and than drink a big cup of coffee 😉


  Sitting Practice


  Fun Camping

Vision Therapy

  Adam Turned 6 years old 

Physical Therapy