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This is a reminder for me….
I won’t lie. I am not perfect and none
of my relationships (with family, friends, or professionals) are perfect. That doesnt exclude my relationship with GOD. I am flawed, I am weak and sometimes so is my faith.
So I re-posted this as a reminder to myself.
Faith, Faith, Faith… I must have faith.


A place we found refuge in the midst of all the scariness

Through all the ups and downs with Adam I’ve come to realize that great unexplainable situations don’t come easy or without struggle. In order for something to be excepted as a miracle there has to be great struggle.
Adam had brain surgery on Friday
3-30-12 and I am just able to begin to process the emotions of that day.

People keep asking me how I’m doing and the answer is, “I think I’m doing better than I thought I would if someone told me I’d have a son and my son would need brain surgery.”
I’ve always felt a sense of God’s presence from a very early age. I thought of myself as a spiritual person but since Adam has been born he has shown me that there is much more to spiritualness than just…

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“Movin’ On”

We MOVED… It was sad and sweet…
We’ve had many family BBQs and swim parties… 4th of July at our place was super fun. We did ALOT of learning a ALOT of changing there, in that specific house; yet I was glad to leave the place which housed our most serious memories. I’m happy to move on and DARE LIFE to offer more!
Adam is doing well. He has had 5 yes 5 HAPPY, ALERT DAYS IN A ROW! He is smiling and reacting to our attempts of interaction. I couldn’t ask for more at this point. (Believe I will push for more later;)


The second picture is our
“choo-choo train” see the med pole, than Adam and then mom?