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Time for a Tune-up

Adam needs nursing care 24-7.
Unfortunately, I found that the new night nurse decided to use OUR blanket, rap herself up and TAKE A NAP!
Needless to say she was not welcomed back and since than Adam has no night nurse. That leaves me…
Its difficult and sometimes lonely to be at home all the time with a kiddo like Adam. The night shift makes things even harder. My family is so supportive they bring dinners and help in every way they can. I’m so grateful. I just wish I could get myself together. Feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and tired of feeling tired.

This post was two days ago…
I was sick. I didn’t knw it until my birthday. Yes! I woke up sick on my birthday. 😦
I was “gifted” the stomach bug.
This all goes to show that eventually the care giver needs care too. I think I lost sight of that. Its been hard for me to find something or someway to refuel.
I know I’m not doing a good job of it because I’ve been sick twice within a month. Yet some how I MUST keep going. There’s no other option… My sicky-pooh is back in the ER.
Hopefully just for a tune-up.