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No Where But Up




Thank God for Adam’s team!
His team of nurses, therapists, family members especially big brother Frankie, even doctors have given Adam support in countless ways.
There is a saying “it takes a village to raise children.” In Adam’s case it takes a whole country. Either way as the medications come down he becomes more and more awake. In fact; TODAY WAS ONE FOR THE BOOKS! During therapy he was actually smiling at me! It wasn’t a huge smile like the old, but a smirk. There was a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face. There was even enough wiggle in his fingers like he wanted to grab the toy. Put it all together and it screamed, “I’m in here.
I see you. I enjoy this moment.”
For that; my mother-heart can feel at peace. (whew.. Exhale)
Soo happy.


Stubborn Isn’t Always Bad

Feisty, stubborn, opinionated (even though he has never spoken a word.)
These are words I would use to describe Adam at times. These attributes in the “normal world” would be considered negative, but for kids like Adam they are powerful STRENGTHS.
Only a stubborn personality could fight as much as he has. He wants to exist.
He wants to thrive. He wants to get out of the bed, he wants to play. He is determined. The neurologist is lowering his phenobarb and trileptol. I look forward to a slow awakening, so I pray for patience and endurance to keep up with this boys mighty spirit.

I often ask myself how in the world has this child made it through all he has. It seems that God knows the right ingredients for miracles because he sure did sprinkle a little attitude, stubbornness, a whole lot of strong-will and than topped him off with good looks and nice hair! Definitely can’t forget the nice hair oh… and long lashes. He is a lady’s man indeed.

He amazes me more and more each day. Today was a nice day. The weather was perfect for sitting outside and painting. I really take special joy in moments like these. Thanks Be to God.

Adam looks at his nurse’s hand all full of paint. 🙂


Look at me now


Adam is working hard everyday to recover.
He finally has a team of nurses and therapists that are as awesome and caring as could be.

Adam has been moving his hands and legs more frequently, He tries to sit with less and less support. He is also breathing over his breathing machine settings more frequently.

Stayed Tuned I will be posting more pictures