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Batman Smiles :D





The last week has been a BLAST!
The neurologist discontinued Trileptol and Adam is showing the difference.
We took a walk to Starbucks and he was so happy to be out of the house he was smiling more than usual. His little eyes even showed hints of “crows feet”
(That just means creases of the eyes from smiling).
Adam also had his first play date with his “future wife” Romy. The little sweet hearts sat by each other in their matching chairs while watching cartoons and then painted outside. It was so precious. Most three year old kids would be too afraid to come by Adam but not Romy. BLESS HER HEART she even knows Adam’s sign name.

Adam even made it to church mass for the first time. The Father was kind enough to give him a special blessing in front of the church. It was an unexpected gift of time. The trip was our first family outing for fun.
The weekend ended off with my two boys Frankie and Adam falling asleep next to each other. Frankie is the BESTest big brother EVER! He is so thoughtful that at church when everyone was shaking hands and saying peace be with you; Frankie went straight to Adam and held his hand…
And more recently Frankie has been wanting to be around Adam more in fact Frankie fell asleep next to Adam in Adam’s bed. Awe so sweet. So precious.