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Trying Happy :D

Frankie and Adam
Christmas 2012

Things are stable. There is steady work getting done around here. Frankie is enjoying the week off with no homework. His teacher gave the students who finished their class work and homework on a regular basis the entire week of no homework! (now that’s cool)

As for Adam he is slowly trucking. He gets therapy four times a week. That’s always a relief. I think he’s tired of the bed because he just won’t sleep when he’s in it. He’s on an odd sleeping schedule. He’s awake all night and zonked in the day so I’ve been working with the night nurse to problem solve.
( fingers crossed )
Saturday that passed he slept next to me in bed. I am so fortunate!
How many people can say that they slept next to an ANGEL????
I CAN. It was the most peaceful sleep I’ve had in a long time. Seriously I’ve got to get an air-up mattress so we can camp like that more often. You know he slept all through the night? He only woke up for a diaper change. He didn’t wakeup until 9:00am.

Adam during an early morning therapy session