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Worth Reading


“The realization of how precious Adam [is] to me, how much my life is lightened by his presence, and how lost I would be without the angels he brings with him; as my friend says, the way a dog brings fleas.”

“He may not have the features you requested, or be able to perform all the tricks. But put him in place, and he will light up your life.You have no idea how much magic is in him.”

“I gave the psychic Adam’s name and birthday.”
“I have to explain this to you, said the psychic. You see, Adam is an angel. Angels are different from other metaphysical beings, occasionally they decide to incarnate- to become human for a while. Not that they have to, you understand. Sometimes that’s just the best way to do what they want to do.”

I’ve been reading this amazing book ironically titled, “Expecting Adam”. The author is Martha Beck, she happens to be a contributor for O magazine.
– the similarities: I’m in awe….

“The meaning of life is not what happens to people…
It’s what happens between them.”