Sharing stories of fear, frustration, hope and acceptance

 It is unbelievable that Adam is 7 years old. They say time flies when you’re having fun. That’s Mia his dog.  

Sometimes life can get so stressful that taking a little breather is NOT an option. It just needs to be done.

This photo is at Santa Monica Pier, Ca after yet another out of town appointment. This time I squeezed what fun I could in.


This is Adam when he’s bright eyed and alert. Days like this are so much fun. He is just hanging with his mom and his snake 🙂

  Adam visits the Aquarium with his brother.  

Adams’s first bus ride.  Queen Mary, Frankie and Adam 2016  At home relaxing with Nana Mary, another bright and alert day. These days are always memorable and fun.  

   Adam celebrates turning 7 with his biggest fans, Nana Angie, Nana Mary and Nina Debbie!

   Sometimes in life all you need is LOVE, and Adam has plenty of that!

Adam and GREAT Grandpa, both like to recline and watch the crazy family fun.  

Just a good looking boy and his best nurse enjoying a Saturday afternoon.  

Our family favorite movie Dory. He watched 75% of it. (That’s a lot for him).

Bubbles are always his favorite.


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