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Learning to Dance




Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.. It’s LEARNING TO DANCE in the rain.

Adam is doing better these days.
We went on our first trip OUT of town
for THREE days and two nights!

It was a serious mission. With out our family there to load, unload, help with transferring and changing Adam, Joey and I would have been wiped out the first hours. We were so nervous we’d forget something important but we have learned the more we do with Adam the easier the tasks become.
For example: after going out of town for three days going across town seems way much easier.

As for the trip: it was my baby sisters wedding so we were excited to be there. We all followed invitation instructions and put on our best formal attire. 🙂 even Adam. He was so stinken cute in his suspenders and bow tie!
Side note: the picture of him holding a beer bottle is a PURE therapeutic attempt. It was cold and he held on to it so well! There was no way I’d interrupt. This is something the therapists have been teaching him. The funny thing is that he chose the beer bottle.
(Thanks Uncle)

The highlight of the trip was that WE DANCED! I can’t tell you how many times I thought about/day dreamt about dancing with my boy at the wedding. Far far away from hospitals or any worries of illness or health.
It was during cocktail hour and I had a cold bottle in my hand which made my hand cold so when I grabbed Adam’s hands to dance he moved away from me. So I let go. He told me he wanted more when he picked his hand up, all the way up using his shoulder!
Up and down, up and down his little arm went. I held on to his sweet little hands and we danced. Our version, his way, his time. All the cousins, aunts and uncles gathered around and we all witnessed Adam’s dance. Yes he was sitting in his wheelchair but that didn’t stop him from taking me miles and miles away from every worry.
It was one of the most precious memories of my lifetime.
I was so happy.
This is why I work SO HARD for him.
This is what I want for him. OPPORTUNITY.
The opportunity to smile and engage with those who love him, those who wait so patiently for his return.
that’s how we dance our way through storms.


Comments on: "Learning to Dance" (2)

  1. I LOVE this! You all look so beautiful, relaxed, and happy!! It is so great to see him doing so well. And you look so relaxed, and just gorgeous. What a perfect memory for all of you. And you’re right – this is what it is all about. 🙂

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