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Happy BIRTHDAY Frankie!


Happy 7th Birthday to Frankie!

Dear Frankie, your birthday is coming and I just wanted Nana to help you see
this special message just for you.
You are a good boy, you do great in school, you are a nice and caring friend and I am glad we are having your birthday party on Wednesday because I couldn’t wait for you to get cake and presents. So, continue to be a good boy.
Love Mom


Comments on: "Happy BIRTHDAY Frankie!" (4)

  1. Jackie, you and Joey have done a marvelous job in raising Frankie. He so easy to work with when it come to his home work. Both of you taught him manners, being respectful and showed him what a loving family is. I know we have all spoiled him rotten since you have been gone. We try to keep him occupied by taking him to different activities during the week and weekend. When you come home everything will return to normal. Frankie will be home with his parents. Frankie time will be occupied playing and showing Adam new ASL signs. Love you all…..Nana Angie

  2. Deanna DeBondt said:

    Dearest Jackie, I spoke to your dear sister in law today after choir, and she shared how well Adam is doing after surgery. It was like a song to my ears. Our rehearsal today was offered up for you and your beloved family, and Adam’s full recovery.
    I wanted you to know that our son has been recording Msgr. Craig’s Homilies, and posting them on youtube, if you would like to get a booster shot of what our dear pastor has to say. Blessings, Love and prayers Galore, +deanna

  3. Deanna DeBondt said:

    Happy Birthday Frankie, From the entire St Francis Church Children’s Choir! Come see me after the 10am Mass, we have a very special something for you and your brother. Blessings and Love, +Mrs. DeBondt

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